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Be it domestic cleaning, commercial, or tenancy cleaning, we have successfully established the most advanced ways of carpet cleaning. A mistake customers often make is trying to get a stain out themselves which results in them damaging the rug or carpet in most cases. Each stain is caused by a different factor and hence requires a different treatment.

With first-class machines and special products, our professional cleaners carry out steam cleaning with extraction which is the best way of carpet-cleaning. Hot water with very high temperature and high pressure is directly sprayed onto the carpet which helps it reach the base of carpet fiber. It is then extracted which sucks out all the dirt. When 20% water remains, the drying process takes approximately 1-3 hours to help your carpet reach its best condition. We are here to provide our customers with nothing but the best cleaning services for carpets and rugs! We provide you with allergen removal ( pet fur, dust, etc.), complete stain removal, eco-friendly cleaning and bacteria elimination.

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