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Car Upholstery Cleaning


Cars are definitely considered to be a necessity in today’s date. Who doesn’t want to keep their car shining and bright? However, it is also necessary to ensure that your car shines on the inside, not only on the outside. Car upholstery tends to get dirty really quick, even if it isn’t visible to the naked eye. Spills, dust, grime, bacteria, etc. tend to accumulate in the nooks and corners of your car; making the very air you breathe unhealthy. If you drive with kids or puppies, in spite of the pleasant moments together, they do complicate the state of affairs.

We carry out comprehensive cleaning, known as ‘detailing’ among automotive enthusiasts, which not only enriches but also prolongs the life of the automobile. We apply the highest quality eco-friendly solutions, polishes, and conditioners. Professional washing is helpful in removing the dust and reestablish the first appearance of your car.

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