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Carpet Cleaning


You are looking for Carpet Cleaning in Dubai? Good and well Cleaning is the solution! Based in Dubai with more than 8 years of experience, we are always ready to cope with any kind of carpet whether it’s domestic cleaning, commercial, or tenancy cleaning!

The Carpet Cleaning Service is never the same with our trained and qualified professional cleaners, our first-class equipment and completely harmless and eco-friendly products, affordable price list, special discounts, and even emergency services!

Every now and then accidents happen leading to spoiled carpet. A lot of people try to remove all types of stains by themselves hoping that they could manage the situation, but unfortunately end up with damaged carpet. Little do they know, however, that each stain is caused by different factors and, respectively, requires the exact deep cleaning solution! This is the point where people should be looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning.


Good and well Cleaning is a cleaning company specialized in Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning! With more than 8 years of hard work, gathering knowledge and experience in the fields of professional cleaning, G&W has established the most advanced ways of delivering domestic and commercial cleaning services to numerous customers from all over UAE.

No matter which area you live in, our cleaning teams are always ready to cope with any kind of a spoiled carpet! You don’t believe that? Just call us and you will instantly get in touch with our competent mobile operators who will be more than happy to answer all your questions – from the smallest details of the cleaning process to helping you get the most suitable slot for you in our schedule.


The method of cleaning carpets that we use is called Professional Steam Cleaning with extraction! Each of our teams is equipped with first-class machines and special products for reaching the best condition of your spoiled carpet.

As almost every big carpet manufacturer agrees, the best cleaning of a carpet is the steam cleaning, where hot water under very high temperature and pressure is directly sprayed in deep inside the carpet, reaching the base of carpet fibers.

Then, the hot water unit is being immediately extracted, sucking out all the dirt that has been stuck inside. About 80% being extracted, and 20% of the water remaining, forms the actual drying process which lasts approximately 1-3 hours (keep in mind – bad meteorological conditions and high humidity percentage in the air might prolong the drying) Thus, your carpet reaches its best condition, completely sanitized and spotless!

No matter if you are a regular or commercial customer looking for office cleaning, a landlord or a tenant looking for tenancy cleaning, or if you need domestic cleaning – Good and Well Cleaning is the solution!

With wide range of clients – from home owners to hospitals, hotels, airports, nurseries, restaurants, pubs and even rug dealerships – we can deal with any kind of stains: chocolate, tea, coffee, body fluids, and even old bubble gum!


The cleaning process itself goes through several stages, as they follow:

 First of all, our cleaner examines your dirty carpet thoroughly and comes up with the best solution
The whole carpet area is being hoovered so that no dust or loose dirt impede the upcoming cleaning process
 Secondly, any particular stains are being pre-sprayed with our special 3 types of treatment – smell, stain and bacteria treatment
 The actual Steam Cleaning takes its place
 Any stubborn stains are given special attention, in order to achieve the best condition possible
 If requested by the client, Scotchgard (stain protection) is being applied, protecting your carpet 100% from any potential stains for the next 3-4 months
 The already cleaned carpet area is left to take its course through the drying process, which lasts from 1 to 3 hours approximately (bad meteorological conditions or high humidity percentage in the air might prolong the drying)
Finally, our clients have the right to inspect the results from the cleaning, after which they sign a receipt.


We are here to provide our customers with nothing but the best cleaning services for carpets and rugs! When you arrange an appointment with us, you can expect:

  • Allergens removal- pet fur, dust etc.
  • Complete stain removal
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Bacteria elimination- use of the efficient sanitizers
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Better comfort-softer, better-looking carpet
  • Flexible worktime – 24/7 even on bank holidays
  • Standard pricelist – no hidden costs, all taxes included
  • Small family company
  • We are happy to bring the carpet back to its prior state.
  • We, with our experienced cleaners, are there to help you efficiently get rid of spots from your rugs.

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