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Upholstery Cleaning


We specialize in Professional Upholstery Cleaning and reinstating the previous look and beauty of your upholstered furniture. As sofas and armchairs are used regularly on a daily basis, they could get dirty quite fast. Could this destructive process be stopped?

We provide you with a high level of cleaning which helps restore the original look of your furniture by bringing its true color back. We use appropriate equipment to ensure that your upholstery gets the best cleaning treatment possible.

Sofa Cleaning


If you want to preserve your sofa for a long time, ensure that you get it thoroughly cleaned and taken care of. Not only is it more hygienic to regularly clean your sofa, it also makes your house look brighter, fresher, and cleaner!

We brush your sofas followed by Professional Deep Steam Cleaning with an extraction method which includes stain, smell, and bacteria removal. For this, we make a prep-spray on sofas before they are properly washed. For particular stains or specific material types, we brush by hand in order to get better results. The water is then heated to 180 degrees by using our powerful machines. The final results are likely to surpass your expectations.

Rug Cleaning


Rug cleaning is essential for your health, hygiene, and a favorable microclimate in the room. Rugs generally lie in rooms where a lot of people walk in with shoes, creating a necessity for them to be deep cleaned every few months, favorable two or three. We perform the rug cleaning in your home, office, or hotel at a very reasonable price, using eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your children and pets.

If you want to see the true color of your rug shining bright and remove every single stain on it, we are ideal for you. Our well-trained experts will take care of eliminating old stains from your luxurious carpeted flooring, leaving it fresh and perfectly clean. We carry out deep steam cleaning along with an extraction method in which boiling hot water is sprayed deep inside the rug. Post this, water is extracted with all the dirt, germs, and bacteria leaving your rug 100% sanitized!

Mattress Cleaning


Good and Well Cleaning Services provides you with professional, deep mattress cleaning that helps you get a healthy sleep. Our service is used by numerous private and commercial customers such as hotels, dormitories, hospitals, etc. We provide you with four services which include the following:

1) Complete Mattress Sanitization
We do Deep Steam Cleaning with Extraction using high-class cleaning equipment. The steam penetrates deep into the mattress to terminate all bacteria and allergens and your mattress is entirely sanitized.

2) Urine, Blood and General Staining Removal

This service is a hit for families with small children and pets. We remove the hardest of stains using 100% eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for you and your loved ones.

3) Odor Treatment

The efficiency of our service is unparalleled. We guarantee complete removal of any kind of stench that could originate from your mattress. After this service your mattress will feel like a brand-new-one.

Carpet Cleaning


Be it domestic cleaning, commercial, or tenancy cleaning, we have successfully established the most advanced ways of carpet cleaning. A mistake customers often make is trying to get a stain out themselves which results in them damaging the rug or carpet in most cases. Each stain is caused by a different factor and hence requires a different treatment.

With first-class machines and special products, our professional cleaners carry out steam cleaning with extraction which is the best way of carpet-cleaning. Hot water with very high temperature and high pressure is directly sprayed onto the carpet which helps it reach the base of carpet fiber. It is then extracted which sucks out all the dirt. When 20% water remains, the drying process takes approximately 1-3 hours to help your carpet reach its best condition. We are here to provide our customers with nothing but the best cleaning services for carpets and rugs! We provide you with allergen removal ( pet fur, dust, etc.), complete stain removal, eco-friendly cleaning and bacteria elimination.


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