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Curtains Cleaning


Our Company has established the most advanced way of delivering its services to numerous customers from all over London. Our highly trained and completely insured teams are mobilized, always ready to cope with any kind of spoiled curtains, no matter where you live – we do cover all Dubai areas and even partly outside Dubai!

Curtains have been used for ages! Since ancient times to nowadays, the number of different styles has become countless – Chateau Amboise, Austrian blinds, Hotel Transvaal, Waterfall curtain, Noren (Japanese curtain), etc. With enormous variety like that, one could easily get lost! But what happens when it comes to maintenance?

A lot of people try to clean curtains on their own using all types of unknown chemicals only to find them damaged eventually. Do not let the least mistake ruin the whole beauty, hung on your windows. This is the point where you should be looking for a professional service!
Good and Well Cleaning is a perfect choice! With our first-class equipment and special products by the well-known manufacturer PROCHEM, our professionals are always there for you, no matter in which part of London you are situated, led by one and only desire – to satisfy each and every customer of ours!


Move in & Move out Service


Move-in cleaning in Dubai, Moving Out cleaning from your house, apartment, office, or anything tedious job as it leases responsibility on shoulders as a Tenant to clean the property before you do so. In most of the cases, you will not get your security deposit until and unless you haven’t cleaned up your place properly. But, hiring an affordable and professional Move in-out cleaning service would surely get out of you the trouble and you can put your quality time in managing others’ works.

Good and well Cleaning Services, Dubai offers comprehensible luxurious and enjoying resources in meeting your cleaning standards. The move-in cleaning service in Dubai is focused on cleaning to the last level of satisfaction of yours and thus gets a clean space for you. With its handy and advanced machinery, the job becomes easier and enjoyable. The best advantage offered by the best deep cleaning service provider is that it saves your valuable and quality time. We assure you a nice move out cleaning experience with us.

Disinfection & Sanitization Service


Disinfection Service for Commercial Office, Warehouse, Childcare, Clinic, School, and Residential from Viruses.

– Kills 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
– Fog disinfectant solution into the air.
– Wipe down of FTA.
– Supplies of all materials and technicians (including full PPE).
– Hospital-grade disinfectant solution.
– The disinfectant solution will be Bio-fogged into the fixtures, ceiling, and walls.
– Disinfectant approved by Dubai Municipality Health and Safety Department and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
– No stains and residues.
– Non-toxic, SAFE for Humans and Pets.

Car Upholstery Cleaning


Cars are considered to be one of the greatest of life’s necessities. Each vehicle possessor makes an attempt to preserve the auto in a stunning look. Regardless of how hard we try though, car cabins quickly begin to display people’s addictions alike- spills, dust, and grime accumulate in the crevices, the air in the saloon gets sandy and fusty. If you drive with kids or puppies, in spite of the pleasant moments together, they frankly complicate the state of affairs.

If the car, and upholstery. Comprehensive cleaning — known as “detailing” among automotive enthusiasts — not only enriches but also prolongs the life of the automobile.

Take best care for your vehicle by giving, Good and Well professional car upholstery cleaners to cautiously clean and finish it. We apply the highest quality preparations, polishes, and conditioners. Professional washing ways could be helpful to remove the dust and reestablish the first appearance of your auto.

Basically the car interior should appear and feel fabulous. Even a small speck of dust or insignificant remains of the smell of cigarettes may destroy a good reaction.

Upholstery Cleaning


Our Good and Well Cleaning professional service specializes in Professional Upholstery Cleaning and reinstating the previous look and beauty of your upholstered furniture. Good and Well Cleaning is a family company that is delivering Deep Steam Upholstery Cleaning services to numerous citizens in Dubai since 2006. We have included those professional services due to the high demand and many inquiries we have been receiving from our customers. As sofas and armchairs are used regularly on a daily basis, they could get dirty quite fast. Could this destructive process be stopped?

This is exactly where we come in – by providing you with a high level of cleaning and maintaining service, restoring the looks of your furniture, and bringing back the original colors of the upholstery. We use only the best machinery in this field of work – brand names like Prochem and Ninja – the best suppliers of equipment and cleaning solutions in the industry! This ensures the perfect results that our clients demand!

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